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Who we are

Denevy was founded in 2014 as a company with two people, small budget and a big determination. During the first 2 years we have become a part of major projects that helped build a strong awareness of our company.

Today, Denevy is growing and profitable IT company without any external investments providing software testing and development, data management or cloud data migration. We cover all sorts of areas of development life cycle management, primarily oriented to system integration.

Our portfolio of customers consists of leading companies in the field of telco, insurance, banking or automotive area. We have also created our own test management software called JunoOne, which was awarded the IT Product of the year

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Our growth


„I am grateful for the work and involvement that has made it whole possible.
We started out in 2014 without money and only with vision of helpful IT company where limitations are only in imagination and budget. Our growth depends on the commitment of all team members, all partners and of course on adequate inovation potencial and financial situation of our projects.. If we show the same dedication and commitment, I am sure we will succeed again.“

Andrej Hyben, CEO, Denevy s.r.o.

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