How we do it

For our clients or internal projects we create both mobile and desktop applications for almost all operating systems. So, we can say that if our client requests an application for iOS or Android, we can quickly help him by proposing a basic procedure for reaching that goal.
In addition, we are very well oriented in the macOS world and Windows applications are not completely unknown to us. However, we are constantly expanding our development to new areas, so we are now developing intensively by using frameworks such as Laravel or Nette.

What tools we use

Recently, we have established ourselves in addition to Swiftu and Reactjs in the waters of the Kotlin programming language and are expanding our knowledge relatively effectively, especially thanks to tools from JetBrains.
Using tools such as InteliJ IDEA or AppCode , we create a large part of our applications in a completely integrated CI/CD enviroment with the GitLab versioning system. In addition, we use PhpStorm almost as a standard for PHP application development.


The cornerstone of all our activities is a team spirit and a truly creative atmosphere. We very often work in short time intervals on complete parts of applications. In this way, we are able to deliver the real part of the functionality to the client in a relatively short period of time so that he can think about how to improve some other things.
Within these time intervals (so-called sprints), we are able to evaluate the topic according to the expected work timeframe depending on our current possibilities. Then we develop, test and deploy the environment so that the client can see the so-called DEMO of his application at the end of Sprint.

Who we work for

If we embark on a new project, the cooperation must make sense to us and we always try to have mutual trust both by the client and our specialists.
The field of activity of our clients is quite diverse in terms of industry. Globally, however, we strive to operate in as many technology-related areas as possible, especially in the financial sector.



Project: Juno One

Project description:

As part of the project, our team of specialists develops JunoOne Test Management Software, which offers a range of tools to streamline all test activities and help organize your work. The complete application ecosystem for test case management as well as incident management is used by a number of clients and currently has hundreds of projects solved. Product realization is based on various frameworks such as Nette, Laravel or Spring, ie it is a mixture of front-end and back-end technologies.


We appreciate the approach and methods chosen by the supplier during our cooperation. The comprehensive delivery of an application to test our project has contributed to improving and increasing our efficiency.

Daniela Bláhová
Test manager, Wuestenrot

Project: Red Phone

Project description:

Delivery of application for automation of approval company management processes. Complete redesign, implementation of back-end integrations, UI, and responsiveness in various environments (iPad, iPhone, Android).


All requirements were fulfilled according to the assignment and at a predetermined date. We are satisfied with the delivery of a fully functional system.

Zdeněk Galia
BNP Paribas Cardif Pojišťovna, a.s