Time & Material (T&M)


Bodyshop is a way of hiring (of offering) employee capacity where the client pays for a professional per hour or per business day.

What Bodyshop brings

Body shopping is the latest trend and is most often used for a one-time assignment to fill the internal IT department. It’s a very flexible solution because you get a new employee immediately without the need of planning the resources. Even in this case the administration is easier as the need to search a suitable candidate does not exist.

A possible disadvantage is the fact that the external employee needn’t always fully fit in the current team, share the company culture or the same working motivation. Expected synergic effect of team work can hence be limited and the results would not appear as expected. If there is a longer period of behavior time of such an employee, he/she should be replaced by a completely new person which will need to be integrated into the project.

Main advantages

  • Flexibility – the company can find a particular specialist for a specific project, knowing he/she will not be needed after the project’s end
  • Client saves usually 30% of cost against the classic employee hiring process
  • Client doesn’t need to take care of administration costs (accounting, salaries) and at the same time gains services with guaranteed skills of a hired person

  • References

    Project: GLOBPAS

    Project description:

    The aim of this project was to provide a comprehensive overview of the motivation, costs and benefits, implementation timetable and technical implementation of the TOPAS project, which in the future will enable more efficient, safer and more powerful solutions for a completely new digital distribution channel.


    Thanks to a proactive approach and years of experience of our supplier, we have successfully implemented activities within the analytical phase of the project.

    Gleb Nagin
    Program manager,
    Československá obchodní banka, a.s.

    Project: PAD

    Project description:

    Implementation of EU Directive 2014/92 / EU for payment accounts and other areas of the PAD project.


    We especially appreciated the many years of experience of specialists from Denevy, thanks to which we received a quality job. At the same time, we are grateful for flexible and helpful communication.

    Petr Kejř
    Business analyst, KB