Cloud solutions

How we do it

There are many areas in Cloud Solutions where you need to consider what direction to implement. In addition to the risks, there are many benefits that need to be properly used.
We have experience in implementing MS Azure for large clients and we are also a certified CSP partner of Microsoft. This partnership also brings many benefits for our clients, as we are able to deliver very advantageous licensing terms outside the services of the Microsoft CSP program.
Of course, we are not just consumers of big player services, but we also run our own Cloud infrastructure where our applications run for internal use or for our clients. To this end, we work with TIER 3 or TIER 4 certified data center operators, and we are also able to provide hosting services for less complex solutions to our clients with the help of our partners such as Exohosting.

What tool we use

Our solution relies almost exclusively on state-of-the-art technologies in the field of infrastructure virtualization and with that linked procedures for a software development in a completely integrated CI/CD. With us you can very often hear terms such as Kubernetes, Docker, Openstack or Openshift, where we try to use this technology from RedHat.
We try to adapt everything we do to best practices and do not underestimate backing up all key parts of systems or multiplying important parts of the infrastructure (so-called "balancing" or sometimes called "Load balancing"). In addition, we monitor everything carefully through various tools, whether in the form of ELK or applications such as Uptime nebo Zabbix.


We strive to operate secure technologies process-driven infrastructure management model. Everything is carefully documented and our goal is to keep the funds used transparent.
For this reason, a large number of our specialists own CISCO or Palo Alto certifications. As an added value for the entire cloud ecosystem, we also offer cloud services certification from the international EuroCloud European community called StarAudit.
We are able to assess the cloud service and evaluate its level and benefits for clients according to regularly updated rules and valid legislation or current technological trends.

Who we work for

We are a partner and a guide to digital transformation for many of our clients and participate in activities for the SME segment. We focus on the transition to the cloud in all variants and for all levels of integration with regard to the financial efficiency of the solution and optimal settings according to the client's needs.
This means that it is possible to design and implement a hybrid cloud solution, complete IaaS, PaaS or SaaS.
In addition to successfully completing the implementation of the cloud solution, our work is far from over - rather, we continue to support and educate in areas that are new and unknown to many of our clients.



Project: Integration of MS Azure and internal O2 infrastructure

Project description:

As part of the cooperation between Microsoft and O2, we implemented the integration of the MS Azure cloud solution into O2 systems and processes. Given the diversity of the two environments, it was necessary to solve a number of problems and adapt some specific aspects of communication to new circumstances. The work on this project required a flexible approach from all stakeholders, considering that there was no cooperation between RedHat and MS at that time. For this reason, among other things, we were forced to create and integrate RHL in MS Azure first, which was a big but successful challenge.


We especially appreciated the experience of specialists from Denevy, thanks to which we received quality work. At the same time, we are grateful for flexible and helpful communication.

Martin Frýzl
Senior Manazer, O2

Project: EuroDPO – GDPR compliance assessment tool

Project description:

We implemented the GDPR Compliance Assessment project based on the principles of evaluating cloud services in collaboration with Cloud Partners specialists. The outcome of the project was an online cloud service that will enable clients to "self-assess" GDPR compliance, as well as a follow-up audit by the Institute for Personal Data Protection.


If you are looking for experts in the field, Denevy can be highly recommended. The consulting and services provided in the field of "cloud solutions" really paid off and we are open to further mutual cooperation in the future.

Michaela Renčínová
Consultant, IOOSU