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Reason why

  • You will understand the structure of the automated test
  • You can make a simple test
  • You will gain a very basic knowledge of Java
  • You can create tests for different browsers
  • You can create simple assertion
  • They can work with xPathy and generally identifiers

Automated tests in Java (using Selenium WebDriver)

This course is designed for complete beginners in test automation in a web browser using the Selenium WebDriver framework. Automated tests are discussed in the popular Java programming language.


  • Java installed and properly set up
  • Java Development Kit installed (JDK 1.8.)
  • IntelliJ IDE development tool installed
  • Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers installed

Brief syllabus of training

1. Prerequisites check
2. Basics of Java
3. About Selenium WebDriver
4. Installation and commissioning of the first self-test
5. Working with identifiers
6. Assignment of individual work and consultation

About lecturer

Ondřej Havazík, ICT consultant

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