Tailored Information systems

What we do

We will design and create an information system tailored to your requirements. We create primarily reservation and CRM systems, but we can also create project management systems, and even create a family of tools for test case management or defect reporting.
We use modern technologies such as Laravel, Angular JS, Nette, HTML5 etc. Our solution enables easy implementation of changes and robust integration to surrounding systems using API.
An agreement with us is always possible, as evidenced by a number of realizations. We can also guarantee the implementation of the project on the basis of a contractually agreed fixed price.

How we do it

We are certified and manage our projects according to Prince2 and Prince2 Agile project methodologies according to the nature of the project and the client's needs. We have experience with both Agile and Waterfall development models. We are able to adapt to a much formal environment as well as to a free culture of society.
Our main goal is client satisfaction and in the first place we focus on fulfilling project or product expectations. For this reason, we are very pleased to cover the complex development cycle from initial analysis through architecture design, complete development and testing, to deployment and subsequent management and support.

What it means to have a tailored system

The client and his employees or customers are not burdened with unnecessary functions of the "box" solution and at the same time they have at their disposal all the necessary functions, which they very often define themselves. This means that the system adapts to users and not vice versa.
As a tax for this comfort it is necessary to count on higher initial investment and also the costs associated with designing a solution for accepting the system before the actual development.
We always try to help our clients in this area and save time from making a bad decision if the proposed business case does not have the expected potential.
The system is implemented on the basis of a guaranteed fixed price without additional license fees, which for conventional box solutions range from tens to hundreds of thousands of crowns per year. Upon completion of the development of the information system, ownership of the source code passes to the client.

What we accomplished

Our products and projects are connected with several successes. Our work was highlighted as part of the IT project of 2016 as a collaboration with Asseco for the ČMSS client.
At the same time, we were awarded the prestigious IT Product of the Year 2018 award with our JunoOne test and defect management application.
Our systems and applications are used on different platforms. We also devote ourselves to the development of "Zero clients" for remote infrastructure management.



Project: Proficentral.cz

Project description:

Within the project of realization of the reservation system proficentral.cz it is about making chimney services available to clients for online reservation. The whole system is primarily solved in the Nette framework and built on a dynamically generated cloud infrastructure.


I can evaluate the overall cooperation positively, the supplier was able to meet the agreed deadlines and showed great versatility, which we often appreciated during the project.

Roman Krutina
Manager, ICT-GROUP

Project: Management of autonomous units

Project description:

We cooperate with Bühler company on the development of internal PLC applications and optimize the control process of these devices. We use our know-how to make the use of system resources more efficient.


Professional approach and guarantee of quality work, that’s how we would evaluate cooperation with Denevy. The system as a functional unit was delivered without problems and with the potential of further sustainable development.

Pavol Fázik
HMI Team Leader R&D,
Bühler Praha s.r.o.