About us

We are part of the innovation



DENEVY focuses in addition to the SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) on information technology in the fields of banking, telecommunication and public administration. Our philosophy is to provide smart solutions to our customers and partners that simplify and enhance their work and even their lives.


Thousand lines of code per day

Hundreds of successful findings that enhance the quality of our products

Dozens cup of coffee a day

How we work

We handle all orders responsibly and with the help of our team of professionals we systematically meet all the requirements of the client. We work precisely, efficiently and always with respect to customer´s wishes.

Our growth

We are constantly expanding teams with new colleagues and developing their work activities. We continuously train our employees, create the foundation for their personal growth and increase their qualifications. As a company, we are still face to new work challenges or opportunities and successfully fulfill the lines of satisfied customers.

Our approach

We use the most modern technology to reach our professional goals, we adapt to news and respond flexibly to the changes that take place in the field of ICT to satisfy the needs of our customers.