Cloud services

Migration to the cloud

Migration to the cloud is not a simple and trivial matter at all. During the migration to a SaaS platform, it may even be a similar activity to the introduction of a new information system. For this reason, it is important to clarify the goals and expectations of this step.


Within consultation and implementation of migration process

for cloud services

we prefer these following basic steps:


Evaluate what is the current state and what is the desirable final state. This is necessary to understand the expectations of our customer. In the case of the introduction of a hybrid cloud solution, even the correct definition of this input is almost key.

Definition of key business processes

How the processes could be affected by cloud transformation and ensuring that their operations are not interrupted, especially with a view to ensuring business continuity.

Choosing the right cloud service

Proper selection of the provider of the cloud service is also crucial with regard to the quality of the transition and all the additional steps that need to be taken, from the point of view:


security, from the point of view of data encryption and their storage, and from the perspective of their availability

infrastructure and operational

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Post - implementation steps

The definition and implementation of post-implementation steps and pilot operation for simultaneous solving problems, whether related to personnel, infrastructure, or even legal.

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