• Project management at level
  • Certified project managers
  • Detailed planning
  • Detailed analysis


  • Agile or classic development
  • Top documentation
  • System testing
  • Experienced developers


  • Delivery a complete solution

  • Sharing “Best Practices”

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Continuous support

We develop the products according to the customer’s requirements. Priority for us is continuity and two-way communication. The first step in requesting is a detailed analysis of the required solution. When the proposal has been approved, the development itself takes place. As we take care of the support provided by us, we are able to ensure trouble-free operation over the life cycle of the application. We guarantee our customers support and development for a pre-arranged period.

Test-driven development

Every code that we create or modify must be tested. It’s not just about finding mistakes, but also about improving the way of programming. An important parameter is the feedback rate. Human testing is a problem in the form of a response rate. We moved a step further and tested the Test Driven Developement methodology. This means that before the code itself, we first write tests that verify our code.