Infrastructure management

Our work in this area is the solution and realization of one of the most respected approaches, related to ICT infrastructure management, which is ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). According this, the administration of ICT infrastructure is divided into four basic processes.

Design and planning

We define the design and implementation of ICT infrastructure in line with company strategy and business needs. We provide co-ordination between business and ICT planners and develop proposals including strategies for all areas of ICT infrastructure (technologies, frameworks, architecture, processes and methodology).

Realization of delivery

We implement and implement the planned ICT solution. From a technical point of view, the main objective is the least possible impact of installing or modifying the technological components of the solution on the ongoing business operations. Implementation takes place on the basis of existing infrastructure taking into account all the standards and rules applicable in the organization.


Ensurment accident-free operation

We provide the operation of existing ICT infrastructure and its routine mintenance. It is crucial for us to guarantee stable and powerful IT service delivery platforms. In particular, we monitor the status and performance of existing infrastructure and its management on the basis of the rules and standards. 


Technical support

We provide the technical expertise needed to support the remaining processes. We analyze data from surveillance systems, provide feedback for further improvements to the proposed solution, and support for analysis of the problem.

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