System Integration

System integration means connecting different software components, subsystems, into one working entity. Nowadays, perhaps every organization uses more information systems. The main benefit of system integration is to streamline communication between individual systems by creating the necessary infrastructure and communication standardization between these systems.

The integration platform is one of the key elements of enterprise architecture. The company’s choice over the long run determines the direction of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), how easy or difficult will be to integrate new and original applications, how quickly and efficiently will be possible to satisfy the dynamically evolving business requirements.

Performance, reliability, availability, security and monitoring are the necessary operational attributes. For development of services is important the support of current standards (WS- * and other) and integration design patterns. In general, a service-oriented architecture (SOA) support is a key parameter.


SOA is an approach to organizing IT resources with a unified solution that aims to maximize management flexibility in an enterprise. The service architecture modulates IT resources and creates loosely-designed business processes intended for spread information in the system. For a well-designed service-oriented architecture, the independence of business processes on the platform is necessary, because that is the only way to ensure the necessary increase of flexibility in company. Every IT asset, system, application, or business partner can act as a service. SOA is basically a collection of services that communicate with each other and use standardized protocols and negotiated interfaces to communicate. With these interfaces, service deployments can be changed without affecting the using ability of the service system. In terms of IT integration based on SOA, it simplifies distributed resource management, requires less hardware and it is more reliable and cheaper. From a business perspective, SOA allows the development of a new generation of dynamic applications related to a number of business issues critical to growth and business competitiveness. Re-use of services is considered to be one of the main benefits of SOA.

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