Training and workshops

We perform regular training and workshops in areas that are a daily routine for us, not only within our teams but mainly for our customers or for anyone who is interested in sharing our experience or problems with us.

Migration to cloud

Cloud services consultations are more than needed, not only in terms of security but also the quality of use of these services. That is why we have prepared a set of practical advice with our CloudPartners colleagues, in our consultations, to recommend to each manager and specialist who is considering migrating their data and resources to the cloud.


We provide software testing on projects of our major banking and telecom customers. We have more than 80% of our colleagues who are certified ISTQB specialists, and in this way we try to pass on the acquired knowledge in the form of workshops related to themes – how to write Test Analysis, what are the biggest pitfalls in preparing the Test Execution, how to avoid problems during the test, or how to properly report, or escalate, test problems.



Due to our growing testing needs, care for our customers, the management of new business opportunities and sharing of documents across projects, we have been looking for a comprehensive tool that will provide us comfort in the form of ease of use and transparency of all activities, including reporting. Here we found excellent match – OnlyOffice product. We are now the only partner company in the region and we are ready to share this experience with you.


We organize workshops to improve our capabilities in the field of infrastructure, management and administration and working with databases, SW and HW development, business and IT analysis.

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