Open positions

Senior/Mid senior PHP


For ongoing development of test case managment tool we are looking for a programmator. Eight-member team is intensively working on this project for more than year. We expect cooperation for time around year.

Job is done in distant but there are regular meetings with all members of team, most often in Prague or Bratislava.


Automation Tester

We are looking for an automated testing tester who will be able to apply his abilities on interesting projects for many major customers operating in a variety of areas.

System Engineer

As a System Engineer, you will solve design and implementation of complete monitoring solution, system and application parts. We are looking for a team member who is in the Linux environment like at home and can handle the installation and configuration of any applications. If you are able to create documentation and operational procedures, you can manage the implementation of the solution and you have the potential to improve it, don‘t hesitate to contact us!

Tester/Test analyst

/system-engineer/We are looking for a smart software testing specialist. First of all, we need to find senior candidates, but if you are junior, you have at least the basic knowledge of testing and want to develop  our skills, try it and write us.

With us, you can work in a prepared test environment, test the test scripts and report their status. You will be provided with high-quality software and hardware that you can use effectively with your colleagues to ensure right software testing.

Ethical hacker

Do you enjoy breaking down borders and that literally? We are looking for a colleague who adores testing application and system immunity against security vulnerabilities.Your job will be mainly the assessment of security and penetration testing of applications, web applications, communication infrastructure with using commercial and open source tools. At the same time, we expect from your side to analyze and evaluate the test results and an active approach in finding appropriate measures to eliminate errors and shortcomings.