Fixed Time Fixed Price


FTFP is a project pricing and delivery as a whole, based on the defined range and date of delivery.

What FTFP brings

Fix-time fix-price project is a managed activity where 4 basic characteristics are being checked: quality, quantity, deadline and budget. FTFP delivery realization is useful for project sponsor and stakeholders because the budget and delivery deadline are fixed and thus the risk of exceeding the budget or capacity gets transferred to the vendor’s side.

Realization of such projects is best in short time intervals and smaller projects are to be ideally managed in an Agile way. The reasons for this way of handling are 1) speed of finding possible missing requirements and 2) option to better react to new situations.

Main advantages

  • Fixed frame defined by time and budget
  • Risks are transferred to the vendor
  • Client doesn’t solve problems related to the service/system delivery

  • References

    Project: IOOSU

    Project description:

    The IOOSU portal was created as an information portal first for internal audit and later for the public. In the public zone, it contains generally available information related to the collection of data in the central register, links to methodological materials, currently registers and code lists. The private zone is intended for authorized persons of the institute or authorized external staff.


    All members of the Denevy team act as true professionals in their field and are able to perform their duties carefully and efficiently. In the event of a team member failing, Denevy is able to provide adequate replacement in record time.

    Pavel Kreipl
    Senior Manager, IOOSU

    Project: CenGMail

    Project description:

    The aim of the project was to provide detailed data for the proposal of possible implementation of migration of individual communication and email solutions with regard to the effectiveness of the subsequent use of Central Group.


    As a supplier, Denevy has really proven itself to us. It has a number of professional IT specialists who take a very responsible approach to their work and have always been able to accommodate us during their cooperation.

    Jakub Vaněk
    Account Manager – Cloud Solutions,
    DNS a.s.