IT analysis

How we do it

SW development is a demanding discipline, so IT analyst must be involved in software design. We try to work as efficiently as possible and use the acquired know-how from various projects. To better understand what needs to be programmed, we model diagrams such as the Use case - including scenarios, Activity diagram, Domain diagram, and very often the Sequence diagram.

What tools we use

For modeling, IT analyst mainly uses UML, which is not entirely a tool, but rather a modeling language that can translate application development requirements into a language that IT people already understand. There are more tools that can be used for UML modeling, but most often we use Enterprise architect or Gliffy.


The main added value of proper IT analysis is simple implementation of requirements into the IT system and efficient delivery of required changes or new application functionalities.

Who we work for

We have already analyzed a considerable amount for various clientele. Most often it was a cooperation with clients in the field of banking and telecommunications. However, we also worked in the automotive and insurance sectors. We like to expand our field of activity, so we do not avoid any form of cooperation.



Project: IOOSU

Project description:

The IOOSU portal was created as an information portal first for internal audit and later for the public. In the public zone, it contains generally available information related to the collection of data in the central register, links to methodological materials, currently registers and code lists. The private zone is intended for authorized persons of the institute or authorized external staff.


All members of the Denevy team act as true professionals in their field and are able to perform their duties carefully and efficiently. In the event of a team member failing, Denevy is able to provide adequate replacement in record time.

Pavel Kreipl
Senior Manager, IOOSU

Project: CenGMail

Project description:

The aim of the project was to provide detailed data for the proposal of possible implementation of migration of individual communication and email solutions with regard to the effectiveness of the subsequent use of Central Group.


As a supplier, Denevy has really proven itself to us. It has a number of professional IT specialists who take a very responsible approach to their work and have always been able to accommodate us during their cooperation.

Jakub Vaněk
Account Manager – Cloud Solutions,
DNS a.s.