Penetration tests

How we do it

Another area of SW testing is a relatively specific area of system, application and network security validation. We focus on the field of security tests with a primary focus on testing web and mobile applications according to OWASP or NIST standards.
Naše metodika se opírá o realizace na mnoha projektech a spolu s našimi partnery umíme poskytnout velice zajímavou kombinaci služeb i v této riskantní oblasti.

What tools we use

There are a number of tools we can use to detect systems vulnerabilities. The greatest added value is our own know-how in the form of our own scripts, tools and procedures, which we constantly consult and debug with our partners in this area. Of course, we have experience with tools like Burp Suite.
Among other things, we are a partner of Acunetix, a leader in delivering so-called Web application vulnerability scanners.


The primary objective of conducting penetration tests is to reduce the potential risks that may arise when breaking application security.
However, this step does not end our work and perhaps the opposite. Our goal is to provide continuous consultations to our clients also in this problematic area. We work with our security partners to provide maximum assistance.

Who we work for

In order to get closer to TOP CLASS companies in this area, we use our partnerships to benefit our clients as effectively as possible. It can be declared that our cooperation with companies such as DCIT or Citadelo can give our clients a sense of truly proven systems in terms of security.



Project: KVM virtualization

Project description:

To simplify the processes for managing development and testing environments, we have prepared a migration to the KVM virtualization platform with the preparation of our own GUI interface for our O2 customer.


We especially appreciated the experience of specialists from Denevy, thanks to which we received quality work. At the same time, we are grateful for flexible and helpful communication.

Martin Frýzl
Senior Manager, O2

Project: EuroDPO – GDPR compliance assessment tool

Project description:

We implemented the GDPR Compliance Assessment project based on the principles of evaluating cloud services in collaboration with Cloud Partners specialists. The outcome of the project was an online cloud service that will enable clients to "self-assess" GDPR compliance, as well as a follow-up audit by the Institute for Personal Data Protection.


If you are looking for experts in the field, Denevy can be highly recommended. The consulting and services provided in the field of "cloud solutions" really paid off and we are open to further mutual cooperation in the future.

Michaela Renčínová
Consultant, IOOSU