Team leasing

What is Team Leasing

In short, Team Leasing offers a whole team capacity for a dedicated amount of work. The main advantage is flexible change of the team structure based on client’s needs.

How we do it

The offered team works with client either (on-site) or remotely (off-site) for the whole length of the project. The team is tailored precisely for a specific project and consists of developers, testers, scrum master and a senior team leader. The team leader then co-operates with the client’s project manager, participates in the internal meetings and coordinates development team’s work.

A significant advantage is the fact that this team is built of proven vendor’s employees with which the team leader works systematically, takes care of their experience and knowledge. He/she can afterwards guarantee a top-quality expert knowledge and skills of every single team member. They are used to working with each other, share the same values and follow the same work procedures. This all then reflects in the most effective way of work. In case of a sudden loss of a team member, such role is immediately replaced or the tasks are distributed among the other members. There is no disruption in the project work flow.

The biggest advantage of the team leasing – external team takes full responsibility for project delivery or its parts; guarantees keeping the deadlines, budget and required quality. Client’s company transfers the responsibility for required solution realization to the third party and hence receives a warranty for the work done. A slight limitation of this solution is the flexibility from the time-required-to-build-a-team point of view. Big projects usually don’t get created within a day so it’s more than possible to plan everything from the beginning with a suitable vendor in time. The planning phase should start 1-3 months before the project launch, based on the project’s size.

Main advantages

  • IT specialists with guaranteed capacity, know-how and skills to adapt with client’s workspace
  • Large team of experienced IT specialists for integration, development, operations and information systems support
  • High flexibility and fast reactions to the requests for IT capacity to be provided
  • IT specialists selected based on client’s requirements available during the agreed timeframe

  • References


    Project description:

    Within the project of realization of the reservation system it is about making chimney services available to clients for online reservation. The whole system is primarily solved in the Nette framework and built on a dynamically generated cloud infrastructure.


    I can evaluate the overall cooperation positively, the supplier was able to meet the agreed deadlines and showed great versatility, which we often appreciated during the project.

    Roman Krutina
    Manager, ICT-GROUP

    Project: Management of autonomous units

    Project description:

    We cooperate with Bühler company on the development of internal PLC applications and optimize the control process of these devices. We use our know-how to make the use of system resources more efficient.


    Professional approach and guarantee of quality work, that’s how we would evaluate cooperation with Denevy. The system as a functional unit was delivered without problems and with the potential of further sustainable development.

    Pavol Fázik
    HMI Team Leader R&D,
    Bühler Praha s.r.o.